Fantomet Pin Collection

The Fantomet Pin Collection was produced by Semic Nordisk Forlag AS in Norway in 1993. The set consists of 9 enamel pins featuring images found in the Phantom story line. The pins are fully licensed by King Features Syndicate.

We first see the Fantomet Pin Collection advertised on the outside back cover of Fantomet comic book number 2, published in 1993. The advertisement is titled ‘De Originale Fantomet Pins’, which translates to ‘The Original Phantom Pins’.

Also found within this Fantomet comic is a loose brochure. The brochure informs us that the Fantomet Pin Collection is part of a larger pin set produced by Semic Nordisk Forlag AS consisting of a total of 30 pins. 14 pins feature Billy, 7 pins feature Hagar the Horrible and 9 pins feature the Phantom.

Each pin was sold separately, with tick boxes present on the order coupon to select the desired pin/s. The coupon and payment were required to be posted to the publisher, an address in Oslo, Norway.

The 9 pins found in the Fantomet Pin Collection can be seen below, which came attached to a carboard card with a punch hole at the top. We see the wording ‘Fantomet’ at the top, with the enamel pin located in the center. At the base of the card, the wording ‘1 i en serie pa 9’ is printed, which translates to ‘1 in a series of 9’.

The Fantomet Pin Collection is limited to 3000 per pin, with each pin containing an individual number on the back. An example can be seen below.

The Fantomet Pin Collection was also offered in a presentation frame by Semic Nordisk Forlag AS, with all 9 pins mounted on a backing board, with a brass plaque at the center reading ‘De Originale Fantomet Pins’. The presentation frame can also be seen in the advertisements above. They were limited to 500 (forming part of the limited 3000 pins produced), with each set hand numbered on the lower right on the rear in a gold pen. An example can be seen below.