Fantomet Bobblehead Figurine

The Fantomet Bobblehead Figurine was produced by Alexander Global Promotions, Inc. in USA, who were commission by Yukho’s Bobbleheads, which was sold in Norway in 2005. The Fantomet Bobblehead Figurine is a licensed King Features Syndicate product.

The Fantomet Bobblehead Figurine is made of plastic, is hand painted and stands 18cm tall. The Bobblehead is limited to 1008 worldwide, with a unique number appearing on the underside of the base. The Bobblehead Figurine was sold in clear see-through packaging, backed with an information card. Below we see the front and back of the packaging, plus the information card.

The text found on the information card translated to English reads:

Today’s Phantom is the twenty-first in the series after it all started in 1536. Then the first Phantom was washed ashore on a deserted beach in Bengal after the ship was in danger. had been ambushed by Singh pirates. By the skull of his father’s murderer, he swears the oath that has been passed down from father to son, An oath before which everyone should fight a battle against the sea raven, cruelty and injustice.

Deep in the jungle lies the deep forests. Here is the Skull Cave where twenty generations of the Phantom clan lie buried in the Skull Cave. The Skull Cave is well protected by the Bandars and their chief Guran with his poisonous arrows.

On his right hand the Phantom carries the Skull Ring as the first phantom was given by Paracelsus. It is used in the fight against evil. On his left hand he wears the ring with the Good Mark, which also brings good fortune.

During his education in the United States, the twenty-first Phantom meets Sala Palmer, who later becomes his wife and the mother of twins Kit and Heloise. The Phantom also has the Bengal mountain wolf Devil and the horse Hero, which he received as a gift from the Maharaja of Nimpore. The archenemies of the Phantom have for many generations been the Singh pirates, Skorplan and the Vigilantes. The later too also have General Bababu, evil medicine men and the trap princes The roof mountains caused a lot of trouble for the Phantom. The Phantom has several hiding places around the world, USA Walker’s cliff is located, in Carpatia is Vaculs final ruins, a secret room at cathedral Notre Dame and the Catacombs in Rome.

The first Phantom called himself the Avenger but his real name is Christopher Walker. Today he is most loved as the Ghost Who Walks, The Man Who Can’t Die. The nemesis of evil or the Guardian of the Eastern Dark.

By Karl-Johan Lien

The Fantomet Bobblehead is a figurine which contains a caricature style enlarged head of the Phantom which is mounted on a spring, so that the Phantom’s head bobs up and down on his non-moving body. The Phantom is seen in his blue costume as he’s known in Norway, holding his pistols, with Devil by his side. We also see licensing information on the underside of the base.