Fantomen Swim Trunks

The Fantomen Swim Trunks were released by Semic Press in Sweden in 1978. The swim trunks were produced in limited numbers, only 1,500 pieces, fashioned in the iconic style as worn by the Phantom.

In Fantomen comic book edition number 9, published in 1978, an exclusive offer was offered by the publisher to purchase swim trunks via the ‘Fantomen Shop’.

The advertisement image showcased minor variations from the final product, attributable to their pre-production status. The final product showcased the skull insignia prominently displayed at the top, with the strips also flowing in a different direction. The red and black seen on the swim trunks are the colors as the Phantom is published in Sweden.

The translated version of the comic advertisement, spanning an entire page, is as follows:


We advertised hard just two issues ago there was the wedding medal to buy in Fantomen shop. This time something that might still hit louder


No1: The one that so many wanted to buy before – now you all have the chance.

THE FOLLOWING SIZES ARE AVAILABLE: 140, 152, 164, 3 and 4 which corresponds to 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 &. Note that size 3 and 4 are the two largest pairs NOTE! WE ONLY HAVE APPROX. 1,500 SWIM PANTS IN STOCK!

THE PRICE: We have calculated and squeezed as much as we can, according to good old Fa-Shop tradition and can therefore offer swimming trunks at a price of SEK 17 per piece and that sum includes shipping and handling costs.

FOR MEMBERS: All those who are members of the Fantomenklubben get a 2:- discount – so you only need to pay 15:- for a pair of very smart bathing suits

Payment Include loose stamped stamps. Send your order to BADBRALLAN, FANTOMEN SHOP BOX 3317, 103 66 STOCKHOLM. Expect a delivery time of at least 4 weeks.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.