Fantomen Soft Drink Glass Bottle

The Fantomen Soft Drink was produced in Sweden in 1986. Sold in a glass bottle, the ‘Jungle’ Flavored Soft Drink, or known as ‘Kolsyrad Läskedryck’ in Sweden, was fully licensed by King Features Syndicate and the local Phantom license holder, Bulls.

A variety of brewers produced the Fantomen Soft Drink, including Hammars Bryggeri AB, Backafalls Bryggeri and Till-Bryggerier, which was sold throughout retail stores in Sweden. As seen below, the glass bottle contains 2 labels contain images of the Phantom in his blue costume, with a foil pull-off tab to open the bottle at the top.

A small bottle neck label is also found on the bottle, which reads ‘Las Djungelordspraket Pa Baksidan Av Etiketten’, which translates to ‘Read the Jungle saying on the back of the label’. Once the soft drink is consumed, the back of the label reveals a Phantom ‘Jungle Saying’, with a variety of quotes published. 3 examples can be seen below.

The Fantomen Soft Drink was promoted in a variety of Fantomen comic books published by Semic Press in 1986. A contest titled ‘Phantom Soda Hunt’ was conducted in a variety of it’s comic books, from edition number 13 thru to number 19, with an image of the soft drink bottle appearing on the cover of edition numbers 13, 15, 17 and 19 as can be seen below.

The contest required the reader to locate 7 images of the Fantomen Soft Drink hidden throughout the comic, with a coupon to be returned to the publisher identifying the pages within that edition that the entrant found the images on. Below we see the contest appearing in edition number 13, published in 1986.

The 1st prize winner received 24 bottles of Fantomen Soft Drink, 2nd to 11th prize winner received 4 Fantomen Soft Drink bottles, with a single Fantomen Soft Drink bottle issued as consolation prize to 125 entrant.

Winners were announced in Fantomen edition number 22, published in 1986.