Fantomen Soft Drink Can

The Fantomen Soft Drink was produced by Pripps in Sweden in 1997. Sold in an aluminum can, known as ‘Kolsyrad Läskedryck’ (translating to Carbonated Soft Drink) in Sweden, the Soft Drink was only produced in ‘Passionsfrukt’ (translating to Passion Fruit) flavor. It was fully licensed by King Features Syndicate and the local Phantom license holder, Bulls.

The Fantomen Soft Drink can contains 330ml in liquid, measuring 9.6cm in height and 3.3cm wide. At the top of the can, a tab-ring is found to open the Soft Drink can. 2 images of the Phantom are found on the can, with a contents and barcode section also printed on the can.

The Fantomen Soft Drink cans were sold in retail stores in a cardboard tray, shrink-wrapped in plastic, containing 24 cans. The 2 narrow ends contain the same print, ‘Old Jungle Sayings’, whilst the long sides of the tray contains Phantom comic strips which differ to each other. An example of the cardboard tray sides and base can be seen below.