Fantomen Serving Trays

The Fantomen Serving Trays were produced by the Åberg’s Museum in Bålsta, Sweden in 2016. 2 different designed we available.

On the back cover of Fantomen comic book number 12, 2016 we see an advertisement for the upcoming October 2016 Fantomen/Phantom art exhibition at the Åberg’s Museum .

The advertisement translated:



Now we show an exciting exhibition about Lee Falk’s classic hero The Phantom, with original and art by, Jan Håfström, Kristina Elander, Marie Louise Ekman and Car Johan de Geer and others. We also pay tribute to the legendary Phantom cartoonist Wilson McCoy.

The exhibition runs until October 2, 2016.



OPEN: Mon-Sun 11-16

Bålsta 08-4110040

The Åberg’s Museum was founded by Lasse Åberg in 2002, and its comic based collectibles Museum is housed in a converted barn near Väppeby farm. This 19th century barn was converted into a top tier museum with props, photos and costumes from the films about the popular nerd ‘Stig-Helmer’ and also includes its own indoor jungle. It has one of the world’s foremost collections of Disney items, with a focus between 1928 and 1938.

In 2016, Lasse Åberg paid tribute to the Phantoms 80th Anniversary by opening a temporary exhibition of Phantom art and collectibles.

Part of the exhibition was dedicated to Phantom comic art from the 1940’s and 1950’s.

The historical displays of legendary Phantom artist Wilson McCoy was a huge focus and a great success.

Famous contemporary Swedish artists also displayed their Phantom work; which included such names as:

Carl Johan de Geer – born in Sweden 1938

Titled ‘Fantomen i Skanör‘ – ‘The Phantom in Skanör’.

1978 signed and numbered lithograph which measures 25” x 30”.

Jan Håfström – born in Sweden 1937

Titled ‘Från Walker Fed Love‘ – ‘From Walker with Love’.

2003 signed and numbered lithograph which measures 29” x 24.5”.

The exhibition also included Phantom art by Kristina Elander and Marie-Louise Ekman.  

Not only did the exhibition include art, but also a wide range of collectibles, most of which were from Lasse Åberg’s personal collection.

The Åberg’s Museum gift-shop sold 2 different Phantom plastic serving trays specially designed by Lasse Åberg for the occasion. Lasse Aberg and wife Inger Aberg customize a wide range of serving trays, some examples can be seen below.

The Phantom Art Exhibition at the Åberg’s Museum also featured on the local television station, TV4 in Sweden, airing on the 5th of April, 2016.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.