Fantomen Map

The Fantomen Bengali Map Poster was released by Semic Press in Sweden in 1976. It measures 46cm x 64cm and is printed in full color. In Fantomen comic book number 7, we see an advertisement on the inside front cover to purchase the map.

The map of Bengalla offered in 1976 by Semic Press differs greatly to the version produced in 1984 (illustrated by Özcan Eralp). Below we see the two versions side-by-side, the 1976 version on the left, and the 1984 version on the right.

We commonly see the 1984 poster version, as it was issued free of charge with Fantomen number 26 in 1984 (measuring 20” x 13”) and again in 1985 for purchase (a larger version measuring 25” x 20”). We also see the 1984 version used as a playing board on the Alga issued Fantomen Board Game released on the same year.

The 1976 version is more uncommon and rarely seen or found by collectors. Not only does this Bengalla map have geographical variations of the 1984 version, but a descriptive text with each notable location on the map can be seen.

The year prior, in Fantomen comic book number 24, published in 1975, we see the same map offered as a free giveaway upon subscribing to a years worth of Fantomen comics, for the upcoming year of 1976. It seems that Semic Press produced enough maps to later offer them for sale as seen above.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.