Fantomen Bookmark

The Fantomen Bookmark set was produced by Eric F. Olsson & Co in Sweden in Sundbyberg, Stockholm, Sweden in 1978. The Bookmark set is fully licensed by Bulls, Sweden’s Phantom publishing license holder. The set is part of a series of Bookmarks released in Sweden at the time, with other comic book characters featured, including Peter Pan, Winnie-the-Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, The Jungle Book and more.

Eric F. Olsson & Co was established in the 1940s in Sweden as a manufacturer of paper products. They were the leading manufacturer of Swedish bookmarks, devising new methods for production, with a world patent registered by director Oscar Lundquist. They also printed a large amount of bonnets, paper dolls and other paper products.

In early 1971, the company was sold to Williams Publishing, who continued to produce goods under the Eric F. Olsson & Co brand.

The Fantomen Bookmark set was sold in stores in a clear plastic bag, closed at the top with a strip of sticky-tape, folded in half with a backing board.

Once unfolded, a variety of 14 images are seen, all themed around the Phantom. The images are designed to be separated from each other, held together by small yellow tabs and utilized as Bookmarks.