Fantomen 40th Anniversary Poster

The Fantomen 4oth Anniversary Poster was produced by Semic Press in Sweden in 1990. The poster was included in Fantomen comic number 14 as a free giveaway inclusion, marking the 40th Anniversary since the release of the first Fantomen comic in Sweden in 1950.

Fantomen comic book number 14 published in 1990 can be seen below. The front cover notifies us of the free giveaway poster inclusion. In the yellow box, we see the publisher announce ‘Jubileums-Poster – Specialkomponerad Fargbilaga For Alla Svenska Fantomenfans!’, which translates to ‘Anniversary-Poster – Specially Composed Color Supplement For All Swedish Phantom Fans!’.

Located in the center-fold stapled to the comic, the one-sided full gloss color poster is found folded in three, measuring 26cm x 51cm once unfolded. The poster is illustrated by Sy Barry and George Olsen.

We see a Phantom comic strip in the upper section of the Fantomen 4oth Anniversary Poster, with the Phantom receiving a message via ‘Monkey Mail’. Characters found in Phantom comic story-line are seen in the lower section below a message to Semic Press, ‘Congratulations Fantomen on your 4oth Anniversary From All Of Us!’. A congratulatory message is seen in the bottom right hand from Lee Falk, Sy Barry and George Olsen, with a speech bubble above a profile image of them saying, “And From Us Too, May You Have Another Great Forty Years!”

Interestingly, the Fantomen 4oth Anniversary Poster was released in Sweden to a Swedish speaking audience, however all text seen in the poster is in English.