Fantomen 1000 Anniversary Badge

The Fantomen Commemorative 1000th Comic Anniversary badge was produced by Semic Press/Bulls in Sweden in 1991.

The badge was produced to commemorate the 1000th issue of Fantomen comic being released in Sweden, with the 1000th issue being released on the 19th of August 1991, edition number 17. Fantomen continues to be published in Sweden to this day, an unbroken publishing run which commenced in 1950.

Semic Press/Bulls (Bulls owns the licensee rights to the Phantom in Sweden) issued the badge as a promotional item to retail outlets (book shops and news-agencies) who sell Fantomen comics, with the intent that retail staff wear the badge on the day that the 1000th Fantomen edition is released. The badge was never promoted or sold to the general public.

The message we see printed on the badge translates to, ‘I Follow the Fantomen of course! 19th Aug 1991’.

We see the same graphics within the pages of the 1000th Fantomen comic, promoting a full year or half year comic book subscription.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.