Fantasma 300 Medallion

The Fantasma 300 medallion was released by RGE (Rio Gráfica E Editora) in Brazil in 1980. To commemorate comic book issue number 300 of Fantasma (which translates to ‘Phantom’), RGE issued a medallion/coin as a giveaway item with the comic book.

As can be seen above, the medallion has a silver finish, with ‘RGE – 1980 Fantasma 300’ on one side and ‘A Marca Do Bem Fantasma 300’ on the opposite side.

RGE is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is a subsidiary of Grupo Globo. It was founded by Roberto Marinho in 1952 which ceased operations in 1986. For over 35 years, RGE published a multitude of comic books, magazines and pop culture collectibles.

Salesman Flyer Advertisement

In the lead-up to RGE’s milestone of the release of Fantasma comic book number 300, the above ‘Salesman Flyer Advertisement’ was distributed to comic book vendors.

The ‘Salesman Flyer Advertisement’ translates as follows:


Edicao Especial No 300

In the Phantom of this month you have more pages more adventures and an unprecedented gift! 100 pages of action! The story of Diana’s return. For the first time published the real map of the entire Phantom region. An incredible gift for you: the brand of good mark is engraved in relief on your medal.

Fantasma No 1

Rio Gráfica is re-publishing, especially for you, the first edition of Fantasma launched in Brazil. A FAITHFUL REPLICA OF THE ORIGINAL EDITION in the same format, with the same cover and the same stories as the edition published in March 1953. YOU CANNOT LOSE! Fantasma, its 1. Adventure, Kid Farofa, the gang Farofa, the gang do Brejo Seco and Capitão Cézar FREE! The jacket in this edition is an amazing poster of the Phantom.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.