Fan Club Badges

The Fan Club Badges were produced by ‘The Phantom Club’ of Australia. 2 sets of badges were advertised, one in 1983 and a second set in 1985. A total of 9 designs were released over these 2 sets, with 6 designs repeating within the 2 sets. The badges were advertised by the club as both text and illustrations on the back cover of Frew Publications Phantom comics, plus via the clubs various order forms and product catalogs. Each badge measures 2.25”.

‘The Independent Phantom Club’, formerly known as ‘The Phantom Club’ of Australia was founded by John Henderson in 1981 Coorparoo, Queensland, Australia and ended in 1995. During this 14+ year period, the club was very active with its promotion of the Phantom on T.V and Radio, and in newspapers and magazines.

As there’s no specific publication dates on any of the Fan Clubs newsletters, we can’t be entirely sure as to when the name changed from ‘The Phantom Club’ to ‘The Independent Phantom Club’.

What we can determine through evidence found in Fan Club Merchandise Catalogs, such as items for sale which were produced in 1991 suggest that ‘The Independent Phantom Club’ was still active in 1991. We also find evidence in the last published newsletter, number 41, where we see information about the 1996 Phantom movie. Club memberships were also still being issued until 1995, however it’s likely that from 1991 thru to 1995, as the club began to wind down, that they were operating in limited capacity.

The first Phantom Fan Club advertisement appeared on the back cover of Australian Frew Publications Phantom comic number 736 in 1981, with its last advertisement appearing in comic number 926 in 1989. Over 9 years, 99 different style advertisements ran in 212 consecutive Phantom comics, advertising its wide range of collectibles and club membership information.

The club published a total of 41 Fan Club newsletters titled ‘Jungle Beat’. Issue number 1 thru to 21 under the club name of ‘The Phantom Club’, then from issue number 22 thru number 41 under the club name of ‘Independent Phantom Club’ of Australia.

Aside from Frew Publications advertisements, the club also produced Club Member Newsletters and Product Catalogs advertising its wide range of available collectibles. The club published 8 different Product Catalogs containing 4 to 8 pages in each, plus 11 green, 3 yellow, 5 blue, 2 white and 1 pink Product Order Forms.

Badge Set 1 – 6 Badges

Frew Publications Illustrated Advertisements (1983) – 771.

Badge Set 2 – 9 Badges

Frew Publications Illustrated Advertisements (1985) – 818.

A sample of one of the badges can be seen below

Below we see an original unused color printers proof page of 4 of the badges.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.