Electric Tiki Design Statue

The Phantom Statue was produced by Electric Tiki Design, Inc. in USA in 2006. Limited to 500 worldwide, the Statue is designed and sculpted by Ruben Procopio. Fully licensed by King Features Syndicate, the Statue was released to commemorate the 70th Anniversary since the Phantom first appeared in newspapers in 1936.

The Phantom Statue was sold in stores in a cardboard box, with the Statue packaged in a clear plastic bag and placed in a durable foam interior.

The Phantom Statue stands 13″ tall and is true to 1:6 scale. Each piece is hand cast in high quality polystone and is hand painted to exacting likeness as seen in comic books in his purple costume. The Phantom is seen standing over the Skull Cave, with the title ‘The Phantom’ found at the base.

Each of the 500 Phantom Statues is individually numbered. The Statue number is found on both at the base of the box and also underneath the base of the Statue.

A Certificate of Authenticity was also provided by Electric Tiki Design, Inc.

The Phantom Statue was also produced in Blue, the costume the Phantom is seen in Scandinavian countries. This version is known as the ‘Blue Phantom Variant’ and was produced as a ‘Sideshow Exclusive’. This version is limited to 100 worldwide and is also individually number as per the purple version above, with a Certificate of Authenticity also issued.