El Fantasma Cards

The El Fantasma card album was released by Propagandas Montiel in Havana, Cuba in mid-1940s. Distributed by Galletas Corona, the card album is themed around the 1943 Phantom Serial by Colombia Pictures. A full set of cards is made up of 300, with a 35 page album released to attach the 300 paper cards.

On the front cover we see an image of the Phantom, Diana, Devil and a Tribesman as depicted in the Phantom Serial. On the bottom right hand side corner of the front cover, we also see the name of the illustrator of the cards and album, ‘Lucio’.

On the rear of the cover, we see more images based on the Phantom Serial, plus the producer of the album. The publisher also notifies us that the theme of the album is based on the Phantom Serial by Columbia Pictures.

The El Fantasma cards contain a progressive story image on the front, with a card number. The story line is printed on the pages of the album, with a mention of where each card is to be glued. The album commences by introducing the main character in the Phantom Serial, with the first 2 pages providing us with a character profile.

A sample of internal pages can be seen below.

The final page of the El Fantasma album can be seen below, with the Phantom and Diana walking off into the sunset.