Edizioni Adriana Badge

L’Uomo Mascherato – Albo Traguardo (translating to ‘The Phantom – Finish Line Register’) is a comic book series published by Edizioni Adriana in Rome, Italy from July 1952 thru till July 1953. 55 comic book editions were published, with a variety of comic book characters featured, including the Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, Cyclone of the West, Flash Gordon, Felix the Cat, Cisco Kid and Jungle Jim.

On the outside back cover of L’Uomo Mascherato edition number 23, published in 1952, we see an advertisement for 3 badges on offer for sale by Edizioni Adriana. The 3 badges feature the Phantom, Cyclone of the West and Mandrake the Magician. The advertisement can be seen below.

The advertisement translated from Italian to English reads:

Badges of Masked Man, Mandrake, Cyclone of the West, cost L100 each. Price of 3 badges L250. The amount can also be sent in postage stamps. Ask for them now at Edizioni Adriana V. Cassiodoro, 13 – Rome. You will receive the badges immediately by sending L25 in postage stamps.

The 3 badges found in the advertisement can be seen below.