Defenders of the Earth Wallet

The Defenders of the Earth Wallet were produced by Leopard in Italy in 1988. The Wallet is fully licensed by King Features Syndicate, themed around the Defenders of the Earth cartoon series released in 1985.

The Defenders of the Earth Wallet is made of red Nylon material and measures 13cm x 9,5cm. An image of the main characters featured in the cartoon series are seen at the front of the Wallet, Lothar, Mandrake the Magician, Flash Gordon and the Phantom. The ‘Defenders of the Earth’ logo/wording is also seen alongside the image. Copyright information and the year of production is also seen at the front of the Wallet.

A velcro strip holds the wallet closed, with a variety of pockets found within the Wallet for storing notes, coins and cards. A label is found at the rear of the Wallet, sewn-in along one of the edges containing the manufactures name, ‘Leopard’.