Defenders of the Earth Slide-Square Puzzle

The Slide-Square Puzzle set was released by Ja-Ru in Jacksonville, Florida, USA in 1985. The set is made up of 3 individual Puzzles, themed after the 1985 Defenders of the Earth cartoon series. The comic book characters featured in the set are the Phantom, Mandrake the Magician and Flash Gordon.

The Ja-Ru toy company was established by Bernard Selevan in Florida, USA in 1961. The name ‘Ja-Ru’ is made up of Bernard’s 2 sons, Jack and Russell, using the first 2 letters of their names. They too work in the family operated toy company.

Ja-Ru manufacture and distribute a large number of toys worldwide, mainly focusing on impulse style toys of high quality with a high appeal package design.

Ja-Ru still manufacture toys to this day, with it’s headquarters and national distribution center located in Jacksonville, Florida, USA with an office and showroom also located in Hong Kong. It sells it’s toys throughout the whole of the US and 35 countries worldwide, producing toys for companies such as Disney and Marvel.

The Slide-Square Puzzle is presented in a clear blister-pack in the center of a backing card, made of plastic. Defenders of the Earth images are seen both on the card and on the puzzle with King Features Syndicate copyright information printed at the base. All 3 Puzzles found in the set can be seen below.

The Puzzles contain 16 square tiles and a lock ring located in the top right. Once the lock ring in removed and the tiles are shuffled, the player is required to slide the tiles within the grey frame to re-form the picture.

The rear of the Puzzle card only contains a barcode for the product, used by retail outlets.