Defenders of the Earth Jigsaw Puzzle

The Defenders of the Earth Jigsaw Puzzles were produced by Golden in USA in 1986. 4 different sets were produced, fully licensed by King Features Syndicate.

‘Golden’ products were produced by ‘Western Publishing Company Inc.’ – Golden and Golden Design, registered trademarks of W.P.C. The company was founded by Edward Henry Wadewit & Albert H. Wadewitz in 1907 Racine, Wisconsin, USA. The company’s primary business was Little Golden Books and its subsidiaries were Gold Key Comics, Whitman Publishing Company and K.K. Publications. Its Golden Books Family Entertainment division also produced children’s books and a variety of family-related entertainment products such as the Defenders of the Earth Giant Card Game. From 1996 to 2008 the business changed its name to ‘Golden Books Family Entertainment’ and in 2013, Golden Books became a subsidiary of ‘Penguin Random House’.

The Defenders of the Earth Jigsaw Puzzles were released in a cardboard box with a lift-off lid, containing 200 pieces. When the 200 piece puzzles are completed, they form an image measuring 36cm x 46cm, from the Defenders of the Earth cartoon series released in USA in 1985.

The image seen on the cardboard box lid of each of the Defenders of the Earth Jigsaw Puzzles is the image of the jigsaw puzzle once complete, with an image of the Phantom found in 3 of the 4 sets.