Defenders Of The Earth Figurine Eraser

The Defenders of the Earth Figurine Eraser was produced by Winston Toys in Fairfield, New Jersey, USA in 1985. 5 Figurine Erasers were produced in the set, characters found in the Defenders of the Earth cartoon series. The erasers are fully licensed by King Features Syndicate.

The 4” tall Figurine Erasers come packaged in a slide-open plastic cover with a full color cardboard card backing, held closed by a piece of sticky tape at the top. Below we see the Figurine Eraser featuring the Phantom.

The front and rear of the backing card is the same for all 5 Figurine Erasers, with the back of the card showing the full set of figurines. Below we see the other 4 characters found in the series, Mandrake The Magician, Ming The Merciless, Lothar and Flash Gordon.