Dagwood Splits The Atom

Learn How Dagwood Splits The Atom was a 36 page publication, given away free of charge to schools as a public service by Hearst Corporation in 1949 in USA, educating the public about atomic power.

As the head of “King Features Educational Division,” Joe Musial first created an exhibit for the atomic show at the New York Golden Jubilee exhibition in 1948, explaining the workings of atomic power with King Features’ cartoon stars. This led to the comic book version to be printed in 1949.

General Groves wrote a preface in the book, and other contributors included Hearst columnist, Bob Considine, as well as several physicists and a quote from Bernard Baruch.

The most popular strip stars during that era were the Bumsteads, so naturally they would be the leads in the book. The “story” inside was that Blondie and Dagwood, accompanied by the rest of the King characters, attend a public lecture given by Mandrake on just what atoms are made of, how they get pulled apart, and what causes them to detonate.

The Bumsteads are magically transported to atomic size so they can inspect the various neutrons, protons and electrons doing their stuff up close while a scientific explanation narrates the pages below the cartoons.

The original exhibit toured around the country, and even had the movie/radio/television Dagwood, Arthur Lake, visit one such showing.

The Phantoms image can be seen on page 3.

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New York Golden Jubilee Exhibition in 1948

Topix Variant