Croftminster Phantom Lamp

The Phantom Lamp was produced by Croftminster in Australia in 2007. Fully licensed by King Features Syndicate, the Phantom Lamp is a hand painted ceramic bust of the Phantom.

Croftminster Pty Ltd traded under the name of ‘Banter Toys and Collectibles. It was founded by Gary John Isaacs in 1988 in Victoria, Australia. The company is an Australian leader and distributor of licensed entertainment toys and collectibles.

The Phantom Lamp measures 35cm in height and 33cm wide. It contains 6 white LEDS and is powered by 3 AA batteries located at the base of the ceramic bust. The on/off lamp switch is found at the lower rear of the bust.

The underside of the Phantom Lamp we find the battery compartment and 2 holes created at time of production. No other features are located on the underside.

Licensing information is located at the rear of the Phantom Lamp, forming a part of the paint finish, with the final glaze holding in the art and wording to create a smooth finish.

The Phantom Lamp was sold in a decorative box, with Phantom illustrations and comic strips located on all sides of the packaging.