Creepy Magazine Iron-On

The Phantom Iron-on transfer was released in USA in 1976.

Creepy Magazine was a magazine size horror comic book published by the ‘Warren Publishing’ house, running from to 1964 to 1983 in black and white. Creepy Magazine issue number 77 (a total of 145 magazines in the set) was the only issue to advertise this Phantom Iron-on transfer.

The Phantom Iron-on transfer measures 7″ x 4″. As with most transfers of this generation, it’s unknown exactly which company produced the transfer, (plus the other transfers seen on this advertisement page). The only details which are known is a ‘mail-to’ PO Box address in New York, NY; and a business name of ‘Captain Company’, which was used for all advertised products within Creepy Magazine.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.