Comicslandia Ceiling Dangler Store Display

The Comicslandia Ceiling Dangler Store Display was produced by Cómics Figuras S.L. in Spain in 1990.

‘Cómics Figuras S.L.’ was founded in Granollers, Barcelona, Spain in 1982. Cómics Figuras S.L., more commonly referred to as ‘Comics Spain’ or ‘Comicslandia’ manufactured plastic plates, sheets, tubes and textiles. In the collecting arena, it produced a wide range of comic, film and television PVC non pose-able action figures, predominantly unlicensed.

Some time between 1983 and 1985, Yolanda, having the sole official rights to produce various PVC action figure lines, sued Cómics Figuras S.L. and won the case in 1991. Cómics Figuras S.L. did thereafter acquire some licensing and produced its first catalog in 1985. The first known catalogues and promotional posters of the company appeared in 1985.

By 1992, the business was in financial hardship and was forced to file for bankruptcy. The company still continued to produce figures after 1992 for which they had already lost licenses to produce.

In 1997, the operation was shut down. Today, the Cómics Figuras S.L. unbranded figures, promotional posters and store displays are highly sought after particularly the Smurf and Superhero lines. Although the Phantom color schemes were Purple and Blue, the shades often differed; as each figure was predominantly hand painted.

The Comicslandia Ceiling Dangler Store Display is made of heavy stock cardboard measuring 13.75” in diameter. The 2 sided Dangler displays the same graphics on both sides.

The display features many of the characters from the ‘Comics Spain’ PVC product line, including the Phantom, Snoopy, Asterix, Tom & Jerry, Gremlins, Popeye, Fruittas and many others.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.