Comic Strip Rings

The Comic Strip Rings were produced by Prevue Products N.Y.C. in USA in 1953. A retail display card was produced to hold the novelty rings and sit on a counter-top in retail outlets, for the rings to be displayed and selected for purchase. The Comic Strip Rings are fully licensed by King Features Syndicate.

The Comic Strip retail display card is made of heavy stock cardboard colored in two tones, yellow and black, measuring 16cm x 26.7cm. An illustration of the Phantom is found on the retail display card, amongst other comic book characters, however the Phantom isn’t featured on a ring. The front and back of the retail display card can be seen below.

The title of the novelty ring set is found at the top of the retail display card, ‘Comic Strip Rings’, with the producers name found at the base, ‘A Prevue Product’, plus copyright information and the year of production, 1953. A production identification number can also be found at the base, number 9177.

The retail display card is designed to hold 36 novelty rings featuring Felix the Cat, Flash Gordon, Dale Arden, Der Captain, Mama, Hans, Fritz, Der Inspector, Snuffy Smith, Casper, Maggie, Jiggs, Little Henrietta, Henry, Popeye, Olive Oyl, Swee’Pea, Wimpy and Toots. A sample of the novelty rings housed on the retail display card can be seen below.

The comic book characters are made of hard plastic before being mounted on a gold colored metal ring, coming in varying colors. A close-up of rings displayed in the retail card can be seen below.