Chronicles Sticker Set

The Phantom Chronicles Sticker Set was issued by Semic Press in Sweden in 1992. 12 stickers make up the set. A poster was also issued, providing a description of the image found on each sticker.

The Chronicles Sticker Set was first advertised on the poster stapled to the center of Fantomen issue number 1, 1992.

The poster included a brief synopsis of the 12 generations of Phantoms throughout history, which would then coincide with the corresponding sticker number. If it were not for the poster to clarify the meaning of the stickers and numbering sequences of the stickers, one would think that the set was incomplete.

An uncut sheet of 2 gloss finish stickers were inserted loosely into select Fantomen issues in 1992. These editions are:

  • Issue No 2 – sticker #1 & #3
  • Issue No 6 – sticker #6 & #7
  • Issue No 10 – sticker #9 & #11
  • Issue No 14 – sticker #12 & #13
  • Issue No 18 – sticker #17 & #17-1/2
  • Issue No 22 – sticker #18 & #19

Stickers Descriptions Translated:

Sticker #1

From the chronicles of the 1st Phantom

At dawn, I drifted ashore on the coast of Bengal. I was the only one who survived the Singh Pirates’ massacre. Common-minded pygmies took care of me and gave me something to eat. The next day we found a dead pirate on the beach. It was my father’s killer. Gamar for lit his sinful body and when they had finished their macabre turn, the pygmies took the moon’s skull and at this symbol of evil and death I swear a holy oath.

Sticker #3

From the Chronicles of the 3rd Phantom

Sultan Mamoud Ben Al Lina was hunting for tigers in the jungle. I considered the company on intended. But some bandits had accompanied the hunting party. hired by the sultan’s enemies. They knew it was easier to kill the sultan in the jungle when he was not so well guarded. I plunged into the tent. Their razor-sharp croquet cables did not strike my two-handed sword. I saw the sultan hugging a grumpy baker-Alexander’s drink baker cut out of a giant diamond.

Sticker #6

From the Chronicles of the 6th Phantom

In the year 1664, the pirate Redbeard and his captains, great Bart, Salla and the Crusader, swore eternal allegiance to me after I had defeated them all in battle. I planned to form a chain that could nullify the jungle border around all the small kingdoms. I appointed Redbeard the colonel and commanding officer for this kdr. I decided to call this guy the Jungle Patrol.

Sticker #7

From the Chronicles of the 7th Phantom

I heard the rumor that the so-called Hanta male was a beautiful creature. Her large castle is located at the intersection of the old caravan moose. The travelers pay tribute. If they do not want to pay, they will atone for it with their lives. I rode to the castle to seek a settlement. I met and defeated the guards and was able to enter the castle itself. There I was met by the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She invited me to drink. The room began to spin before my eyes.

Sticker #9

From the Chronicles of the 9th Phantom

Today my father died of a wound given to him by Captain Blood. Now I will not rest until Blood is paid for my father’s death. It was easy to get several volunteers to fight the pirates. For several days we sailed east and then one day we found pirates’ hiding place. Blood fled in panic, but I pursued him to his ship where we met in a stubborn manner. He ducked for my blow which in the stable hit spoons he was holding. Blood flowed freely down on deck. The 8th Phantom ended up.

Sticker #11

From the Chronicles of the 11th Phantom

May 13, Anno 1753. I write down in my dad’s diary all the strange events I have experienced since I left my home in the deep forests a year ago. I was going to try sailor life for a short time. That was my highest wish. My father had given his permission and accompanied me through the jungle to Morristown. I said goodbye and boarded the schooner The Hawk The shoemaker laid out and I waved to my father who was getting smaller and smaller where he stood on the quay.

Sticker #12

From the chronicles of the 12th Phantom

But it was not on my side that night. I could not prevent the attack on the King of Sweden. While everyone that night was busy caring for the king, I snuck quietly out of the castle without anyone telling me to leave. Later, a statement came from Stockholm to London, which cleared me from being to blame for Swedeborg’s death. King Gustav III died on March 29, 1792. His killer, Captain Jacob Anckar Strom, was arrested and found guilty. He had to pay the highest price for his hideous bridge.

Sticker #13

From the Chronicles of the 13th Phantom

I sailed west with a Spanish ship. Lafitte had not disappeared. In the middle of the Atlantic, his ship and the ship I was on met. We were prepared to fight for our lives. The ships sat side by side when we made a sneak attack, the Spaniards fought bravely, but the pirates had greater fighting skills. Lafitte brought her mine from the deck as a shot suddenly sounded. Lafitte’s pirates conquered the Spanish ship, with Lafitte herself.

Sticker #17

From the Chronicles of the 17th Phantom

There was the same despair in this scream as in what I was doing up in the mountains. However, this was a woman’s scream I rushed through the castle. My boots sounded against the stone floors. At the door I turned to handle the goat – but the door was locked. With all my might I leaned against the door that opened. In front of the open window stood a dark terrifying creature. Instinctively, I pulled up my gun and relay said a warning shot. The vampire spun around and stared at me with sparkling eyes.

Sticker #17-1/2

From Julie’s Chronicles (No 17-1/2)

The ungodly news spread with tomtom-drum from town to tribe until it reached me, the wandering rest is dead. Engulfed by a hole in the mark as had been predicted. After visiting the witch once more, the Quran returned with a new spell. No one can recover the Phantom’s life, no one but an equally old woman. I took out one of Kit’s spare suits and sewed it on. So I swore the oath to the old skull for my sons and fathers before me.

Sticker #18

From the Chronicles of the 18th Phantom

In the summer of 1897, I was in Europe on my way to England to visit my father-in-law. At the same time, they were preparing for Queen Victoria’s 60th anniversary as regent of the British Empire when the sun never set. But it was something other than anniversaries that Londoners were talking about these days — A madman.

Sticker #19

From the Chronicles of the 19th Phantom

Idratal, Carpatia was a reluctant part of Austria and ruled by a tyrannical military governor, but Count Von Steyrbach led the people of Carpathia in response to his pledge. They fought for consideration. By evening the count and his fatal face had won but after terrible losses. At night the guards were too tired to stay awake. No one saw the horrible dad that was performed that night. No doubt cast doubt on the identity of the uniformed man. From that day on, life became terrible in Carpatia.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.