Cheese Comics Promotion

Riksost, also known as the ‘Swedish Dairy Association’s Cheese Warehouse Association, UPA’, was founded in Sweden in 1938. In 1940, the association had 20 Swedish dairies as members. Riksost’s task was to handle the purchase, storage and sale of cheese on behalf of its members, as well as handle marketing and sales. In 1992, the Swedish dairy market was deregulated and Riksost was dissolved.

In 1991, Riksost launched a promotional campaign titled ‘Cheese Comics’, highlighting to consumers how Riksost cheeses can be easily utilized in cooking, with a variety of comic book characters featured alongside their products.

Recipe Book

A Cheese Comics Recipe Book was released, published as a soft cover publication in full color containing 34 pages and measures 10.2” x 6.75”. The Recipe Book features both comic strips and recipes. Comic book characters found within the Recipe Book are Beetle Bailey by Mort Walker, Popeye by Tom Sims and Bela Zamboly and Blondie by Chic Young.

The Phantom is also featured. Below we see the front and back cover of the Recipe Book.

The Phantom is featured on 8 pages within the Recipe Book, from pages 4 thru to 11 with page 7 containing a few story panels from the Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy classic, ‘The Female Phantom’, originally published on the 24th of August, 1952. Diana Palmer is also featured.

Towards the rear of the Recipe Book, a range of products are available to either purchase or were given away free of charge when purchasing other items. Below we see the 2 page advertisement. All products are licensed by King Features Syndicate.


The set of 5 promotional badges were released by Riksost with one of the badges featuring the Phantom. The badge measures 1.25” and was given away free of charge when purchasing other comic related items found in the advertisement above. A mail-away coupon is found within the Recipe Book with payment to be placed in an envelope and posted to a designated address in Stockholm, Sweden.

Below we see the advertisement for the badges within the Recipe Book, plus the badge featuring the Phantom in his blue costume as he’s seen in Sweden.

Oven Mitt

An Oven Mitt was produced and advertised in the Recipe Book, with an image of the Phantom found on one side, and Diana Palmer found on the second side. The price of the Oven Mitt is also found in the advertisement.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.