Chatu Saga Card Pack

The Chatu Saga Card Pack was released by Regal Publishers in India in May, 2022. The card pack contains 5 cards found within an open-top slip case, given away free of charge with the release of their first Trade Paperback titled, ‘The Phantom: Terror of The Python – The Chatu Saga’, as can be seen below.

The Trade Paperback contains 256 gloss finished pages in full color. 9 Phantom stories written by Tony DePaul and illustrated by Graham Nolan and the late Paul Ryan are found within the book, with cover art by Ankit Mitra. Text within the book is published in English.

The Chatu Saga Card Pack slip case is 2 sided and measures 9.2cm x 5.4cm. It features the same art as found on the Trade Paperback’s front cover, with an illustration of all 5 cards found on the rear. The slip case is open at the top, allowing for the cards to be easily removed and placed back into the case again.

All illustrations for the 5 one-sided cards are also by Ankit Mitra. The cards are unnumbered, printed in a gloss finish on heavy stock paper. All 5 cards found within the Chatu Saga Card Pack can be seen below.