Chapinhas De Ouro

Chapinhas De Ouro is an album released by Editorial Dimensão Cultural LTDA in Brazil in 1977.

In January 1977, Editorial Dimensão Cultural LTDA, based in São Paulo, Brazil released a series of 6 collector albums, with the last album being released in 1980. The first album they released was Chapinhas De Ouro. This album is unique, in that it houses round metal plates/discs, with an image printed on it, instead of paper stickers and cards as was common at the time.

The Chapinhas De Ouro album measures 9” x 6.25” and contains 16 pages. The full album consists of a total of 211 metal plates/discs, measuring 1.5”. The metal plate/discs covered an array of topics, including Superheroes/Super Herois, Symbols, Logos, World Cup, Olympics, Star Signs, Football and more. The Phantom can be seen on the Superheroes page, number 20.

As advertised on the inside cover of the Chapinhas De Ouro album, these collectible metal plate/discs were used for many other purposes, including for mobiles, earrings, pendants, key chains, necklaces, and even were stuck to clothing, school books and backpacks. The collectible albums and the packets of 5 metal plate/discs were available for purchase in news-agencies, newsstands and select liquor stores.

Of all the metal plate/discs found within Chapinhas De Ouro, those found on the Superheroes page are the hardest to find, and as a result, the most desirable. The 14 Superhero characters we see on page 2 are the Phantom, Fantasma Vermelho, Viking, Spock, Thor, Tarzan, Captain America, Superman, Mandrake, Conan, Batman, Robin and Hawkman.

Very little is known about Editorial Dimensão Cultural LTDA. The products they produced were not only unique, but also outstanding quality, and remain highly sought after by collectors today.

Below we see the 6 albums released by Editorial Dimensão Cultural LTDA with a sample internal page.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.