Cartoon Celebrities

The Cartoon Celebrities medallion range was minted by AMC (American Medallion Corporation) and distributed by Robert E. Westfall Inc. in Los Angeles, California, USA in 1987.

4 medallions of the Phantom were released.

1. 24kt Gold Plated Bronze Medallion

2. Bronze Medallion

3. One Troy Oz. 999 Fine Silver Medallion

The Silver Medallion was offered to the public in 4 different packaging styles:

  • 1. Loose in acrylic capsule with no certificate.
  • 2. Loose in acrylic flip case with certificate.
  • 3. Loose in a leatherette style wallet with certificate.
  • 4. Bound in the ‘Cartoon Celebrity Series Volume 1’ binder.

The binder consisted of 4 pages, with 9 medallions per page, totaling 36 medallions in the set. The characters include the Phantom, Archie, Aquaman, Batman, Beetle Bailey and Sarge, Betty Boop, Blondie and Dagwood, Brenda Starr, Brutus, Dick Tracy, Mr. and Mrs. Dithers, Flash, Flash Gordon, Gasoline Alley, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Howdy Doody, Joker, Jughead, Junior and Honey Moon, Killer, Lex Luthor, Little Orphan Annie, Lois Lane, Olive Oyl and Swee’ Pea, Penquin, Plastic Man, Popeye, Robin, Shazam, Supergirl, Superman (Birthday), Superman, Veronica, Wimpy, and Wonder Woman.

4. Color One Troy Oz. 999 Fine Silver Medallion

With only 50 medallions of each character believed to have of been produced, the color version of the One Troy Oz. 999 Fine Silver medallion is the rarest and most sought after by collectors.

Not a great deal is know about this color version, some believe that it wasn’t released to the public, whilst others believe that it was purely a ‘prototype’ which never came to fruition.

Regardless, images of the color medallion exist as can be seen below. The color photograph below measures 20” x 16” with each coin in the photograph measuring 4.5” in diameter. This photograph originated from the AMC archives and was likely taken as a proof sheet for the color silver medallion set.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.