Brooklyn Academy of Music Phantom Poster

The Phantom Brooklyn Academy of Music (or abbreviated to BAM) Poster was produced in USA in 1981. It features an illustration of the Phantom by Sy Barry and measures 24” x 35” with a high gloss finish. The Phantom poster is part of a 12 poster series which was released by BAM which feature a variety of comic book characters.

Founded in 1861, the Brooklyn Academy of Music was located at 176–194 Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights, New York, USA. The original building was designed by the famous architect Leopold Eidlitz. The building housed a large theater seating over 2,000 people as well as a smaller concert hall, dressing and chorus rooms. BAM presented amateur and professional music and theater productions. Sadly the building burned to the ground on the 30th of November, 1903. It wasn’t until 1906 that the new cornerstone was laid at 30 Lafayette Avenue, New York, USA. After 2 years of construction, the new building opened in 1908. For over 160 years it has been the most famous venue of progressive and avant-garde performances in the United States.

Press Release

A Press Release was issued by BAM on the 24th of April, 1981. The details were as follows:

A special series of 12 posters featuring world-famous cartoon characters celebrating the performing arts has been created for the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and will be unveiled at a reception at BAM on Sunday, May 10, 1981. The posters were designed by twelve leading cartoon artists who have used their cartoon art and comic-strip characters to depict the cultural activities at BAM, America’s oldest performing arts center.

The cartoons and their artists, participating under the auspices of the Newspaper Comics Council are:

“The Phantom” by Lee Falk & Sy Barry.

“Fieffer” by Jules Feiffer.

“Beetle Bailey” by Mort Walker.

“Blondie” by Dean Young & Jim Raymond.

“Broom Hilda” by Russell Myers.

“Family Circus” by Bill Keane.

“Hagar the Horrible” by Dik Browne.

“Kerry Drake” by Alfred Andriola.

“Marmaduke” by Crad Anderson.

“Steve Canyon” by Milton Caniff.

“Wizard of Id” by Brant Parker & Johnny Hart.

“Ziggy” by Tom Wilson.

This exceptional poster series was conceived two years ago by the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Newspaper Comics Council and Philip Sills, to promote the Brooklyn Academy of Music and in recognition of “the funnies” as collectible art. The posters will be introduced at a reception following the final performance of the Pennsylvania Ballet in BAM’S Ballet America Series on May 10. At this time, members of the Newspaper Comics Council will attend, and a series of posters will be presented to Exxon Corporation for their sponsorship role in the Ballet America festival.

After May 10 the (24” x 35”) posters will be on sale in art departments of major department stores, museum shops, and card and graphics shops across the country.

The full set of 12 posters released by BAM can be seen below.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.