Book Club Pins

The Phantom Special Edition Book Club Pins are a set of 4 pins offered by Egmont Publishing in Sweden in 2002.

Fantomen comic book issue number 23, published in 2002 offered via a mail order coupon, a series of 3 hardcover books they labeled ‘Book Club’ (see above comic cover and coupon).

The hardcover Book Club Fantomen series are published by Egmont Publishing, containing reprints of Fantomen comics commencing from 1950 of Fantomen/The Phantom, Knasen/Beetle Bailey and Uti Vår Hage/Native Swedish comic strips. The Book Club series began in 2002 with only one volume released, collecting all 7 Fantomen comic issues originally published in 1950. From 2003 to 2020, three to five volumes have been released per year. 

With a prepaid order of either series, and if mailed within 14 days, the subscriber would receive a Fantomen or a Beetle Bailey Enamel Cloisonné Pin. In 2003, Book Club memberships coupons were still being mailed back to the publisher and 3 additional pins were offered in the Fantomen set: Diana, Hero and Devil. The set of 4 Fantomen pins can be seen below.

With the Book Club hardcover books becoming so popular in Sweden, Egmont Publishing made them available to purchase in book shops commencing 2003.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.