Blasé’s Most Wanted Collector Cards

Blasé’s Most Wanted Collector Cards were produced by Blasé Books in the UK in 2007. A full set is made up of 9 collector cards, with a variety of themes featured across the 9 cards, all centered around pop culture.

The Collector Cards were issued as a complimentary give-away item with ‘Crikey!’ magazine, published by Sequential Media Publications in the UK from 2007 thru till 2010, with 16 magazines published over this period of time. Edition number 1 can be seen below.

The Phantom is featured in the Blasé’s Most Wanted Collector Cards series on card number 1, which was issued with ‘Crikey!’ magazine edition number 1 seen above. The front and back of the card can be seen below, printed in full color.

The Collector Card is numbered, with a Ray Moore image of the Phantom and Guran found on the front. We also see an image of a Phantom comic book, edition number 5 published by L.Miller & Son Ltd in the UK in 1959.

On the rear of the card, we see some basic information on the Phantom plus a statement indication that Blasé Books are looking to purchase early Phantom comics, from the 1940s and 1950s. An email address to make contact with Blasé Books is also provided.

All 9 Blasé’s Most Wanted Collector Cards can be seen below.