Barraca Night Club Flyer

The Barraca Night Club Flyer was produced in Valencia, Spain in 1987.

Barraca Night Club was established in Valencia, Spain in 1965.

With the growing movement of electronic music produced by deejays in Spain in the mid 1980s, Barraca Night Club was perfectly positioned and grew in both reputation and popularity. The movement is known as ‘Ruta del Bakalao’, with a host of festivals held along the Spanish Mediterranean coast, especially the Valencian one, consisting of the largest clubbing movement in Spain.

The movement consisted of a formation of a nightlife culture for thousands of young people in the nightclubs of the Valencia metropolitan area, hosted by Night Clubs including Barraca, Spook Factory, Chocolate, Espiral, NOD, Puzzle and ACTV. Events were held every weekend, and almost without a break during the 1980s and the first half of the 1990s.

In addition, Barraca has its own record label and an international DJ management agency, not only servicing Spain, but other European countries such as Germany and Romania.

In 2008, the record label ‘Barraca Music’ was launched, producing electronic music by both resident deejays, and other deejays with a similar music style. Barraca Night Club is still in existence to this day.

Over it’s years of trading, Barraca Night Club produced a large volume of advertisements, generally in print form, varying in design and look, promoting special events.

The Phantom was featured on a Barraca Night Club Flyer. The Flyer advertises a special event held at the Night Club titled ‘Historias Animadas’ (which translates to ‘Animated Stories’), held on Friday the 7th of August, 1987.

Printed on orange paper, the Flyer is one sided and measures 12cm x 8cm.

The speech bubbles have been altered on the Flyer to the original Phantom comic strip.

The Baroness says, “el recreo de tu infancia y la recreacion del hoy Barraca, Viernes 7 Agosto ’87, noche”, which translates to “the recreation of your childhood and the recreation of today Barraca, Friday August 7 ’87, night”.

The Phantom replies, “ilustraciones y personajes vivientes para el recuerdo y la remembranza”, which translates to “illustrations and living characters for memory and remembrance”.

The image on the Flyer is found in the Lee Falk and Ray Moore Phantom story classic, ‘The Sky Band’, published in newspapers in 1936. The image is of ‘The Baroness’ (sometimes known under the name of June) found within the story kissing the Phantom. The comic strip panel can be seen below.