Album Di Figurine Adesive L’Uomo Mascherato

Album Di Figurine Adesive L’Uomo Mascherato (which translates to ‘The Phantom Sticker Album’) is published by La Giulia S.p.A. in Gorizia, Italy in the 1970s. The Album is fully licensed by Opera Mundi, the authorized King Features Syndicate publishing license holder of the Phantom in Italy at the time.

La Giulia S.p.A. is an Italian based company, manufacturing candy, bubble gum, lollipops and other sugar confectionery products. In 1981, the company was renamed to ‘La Giulia Ind. S.p.A’.

In 1991, La Giulia Ind. S.p.A was purchased by ‘Perfetti Van Melle S.p.A.’, who own several well know confectionery brands, sold worldwide, including Big Babol bubble gum, Gelco, Frisk, Mentos, Fruittella and Chupa Chups.

La Giulia Ind. S.p.A is still in operation today, still as a confectionery producing company.

Album Di Figurine Adesive L’Uomo Mascherato contains 8 full color pages measuring 18.9cm x 12.6cm in landscape format, with a complete album made up of 60 stickers. The front and back cover of the Sticker Album can be seen below.

Full page 7 action scenes partially printed are found within the Album, which require stickers to complete the scene, with each section individually numbered to ensure the correct sticker is placed within the scene. The centerfold of the album can be seen below.

The stickers required to complete the Album Di Figurine Adesive L’Uomo Mascherato were found within bubble gum packets produced by La Giulia S.p.A., sold where their confectionery products were sold throughout Italy. Below we see an example of the bubble gum pack the stickers were found in.

The stickers are 2 sided, with the sticker found on the front, and the sticker number located on the back. The stickers contain glue once peeled off the backing, ready to be placed in the allocated section within the Sticker Album.

Also found within the bubble gum pack is a one-side Phantom comic stirp printed on wax-paper. Below we see the front and back of panel number 8, which would of been wrapped around bubble gum strips.