Album De Figurinhas Do Mundo Infantil Super Heróis

Album De Figurinhas Do Mundo Infantil Super Heróis (which translates to Superheroes Children’s World Sticker Album) is a trading card series produced in Brazil in 1965. The set is made up of 192 cards, with each trading card containing a number and the name of the image featured. The set contains a large number of comic book characters.

A 16 page album was produced to display the 192 trading cards, which were glued in a designated spot within the album by the owner. An album number is printed on the front cover, number 1. The front covers of the album can be seen below.

The Phantom was featured in the series on trading card number 14 under the title of ‘El Fantasma’. Below we see the Phantom trading card placed in it’s designated place on page 2, seen in the top row in the center. This card is the only card to feature the Phantom in the series.