Action Hobbies

Released in 2006 by Action Hobbies in USA, ‘The Phantom – The Ghost Who Walks’ is a model kit which is purchased disassembled and unpainted.

The 11 parts are made of resin, requiring glue to assemble the various pieces. The model also doesn’t come with paint or brushes to color and decorate as required.

Each piece contains a great deal of detail, especially when looking at individual pieces such as Devil or even the base-plate. Once assembled and painted, these details really standout and makes for a nice display.

A completed and painted example can be seen below.


In 1974, a Phantom and Devil prototype model kit was designed by Dave Cockrum for the Aurora Plastics Corporation in USA. Aurora was already producing comic book character model kits of Batman, Wonder Woman, The Lone Ranger, Superman, etc.

The model kit was never produced as the company ceased producing their comic book character model kits in the middle of the 1970’s.

Action Hobbies would release a model kit based on this design in 2006 (as seen above).