Abenteuer Prinz Eisenherz Sticker Album

The Abenteuer Prinz Eisenherz Sticker Album was produced by Americana München in Munich, Germany in 1971. Containing 16 pages and 240 stickers, the album is printed in full color on gloss finish pages and measures 7.75” x 11.5”.

Detailed information about the publisher ‘Americana München’ is very scarce. Americana München was initially called ‘Americana Kaugummi Inc. GmbH & Co. KG München’ (Kaugummi translating to Chewing Gum), up until 1971, after which they changed their name to Americana München, and stopped including chewing gum in their packets.

Between 1971 and 1981, Americana München published at least 60 sticker albums predominantly featuring USA TV Series, Syndicated Cartoon Shows, Newspaper Comic Strips, Disney, Soccer, Sports and Cars.

It’s believed the company ceased business in 1981.

The Abenteuer Prinz Eisenherz sticker album features 4 King Features Syndicate comic book characters. The album contains 29 full color action panels (7 x Phantom panels, 7 x Prince Valiant panels, 13 x Flash Gordon panels and 2 x Mandrake the Magician panels), which require 6 to 8 stickers found in chewing gum packets to complete the panel. Below we see a completed album.

4 randomly placed stickers were found in each chewing gum packet. An example of these stickers can be seen below.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.