80th Anniversary Medallion

The Phantom 80th Anniversary Medallion was produced by the Perth Mint in Australia in 2016 to commemorate the Phantom’s creation back in 1936. The Medallion was designed by Michael Berman, with a world wide limited run to 3000.

Struck from 1oz of pure silver in 99.9 proof quality, it weighs 31.135g and measures 40.60mm in diameter, with a thickness of 4mm. The 80th Anniversary Medallion portrays a colored image of the Phantom on the front, with a portrait of the Phantom and a monetary denomination of 100 Bengalla Dollars on the back.

The Medallion is presented in a hard plastic Skull Cave case which has the Skull Throne slide out of the entrance, holding the Medallion. The eyes of the Skull Cave plus the Skull Throne light up in a green color when you slide the Skull Throne out.

Below we see the instructions for how to use the Skull Cave Medallion case.

The Skull Cave Medallion case comes in a green box with all sides containing Phantom imagery and theming.

Also found within the box is a 2 sided Certificate of Authenticity containing the Medallion number (1 through to 3000).

Released in 2016, we see a set containing the Phantom 80th Anniversary Medallion and Stamp in a presentation kit featured side-by-side. Limited to just 120 world wide, this set was presented to the public via an on-line lottery and not sold in retail outlets.

The Phantom 80th Anniversary Medallion and Stamp is presented in an outer presentation kit.

The Phantom 80th Anniversary Medallion and Stamp are found within on a loose removable card.