The Independent Phantom Club

‘The Independent Phantom Club’, formerly known as ‘The Phantom Club’ of Australia was founded by John Henderson in 1981 Coorparoo, Queensland, Australia and ended in 1995. During this 14+ year period, the club was very active with its promotion of the Phantom on T.V and Radio, and in newspapers and magazines.

The Independent Phantom Club Of Australia published a total of 41 newsletters, titled ‘Jungle Beat’.

The newsletter contained information/segments such as letter to the editor, Phantom comics for sale, Old Jungle Sayings, history on particular Phantom stories, an update of the clubs secret password, etc. As these newsletters were published prior to the internet and on-line social platforms, the information provided would of been of great interest to the reader.

When the club was initially established in 1981, the title appearing on the first 21 newsletters was ‘The Phantom Club’. We then see the club change it’s name commencing with newsletter number 22 to ‘The Independent Phantom Club Of Australia’. See below the before and after logo’s as they appeared on the ‘Jungle Beat’ newsletters.

The club advertised heavily on the back of Frew Phantom comics. We see the first Fan Club advertisement appear on the back cover of Frew Phantom comic issue number 736, 1981.

We see the last Fan Club advertisement appear on the back cover of Frew Phantom comic issue number 926, 1989.

For the 14+ years that The Independent Phantom Club Of Australia existed, advertisements in Frew Phantom comics were seen either on the back of an issue or within the comic, from number 736 to number 928, a total of 212 issues consecutively.

Advertisements ranged from club membership enrollment information to merchandise available via mail-order. Other miscellaneous news and information was also seen, depending on what the club wished to inform Phantom comic readers. A total of 99 varying advertisement style layouts have been identified across the 212 issues printed by Frew. A small sample of these advertisements can be seen below.

Aside from Frew Publications advertisements, the club also produced Product Catalogs advertising its wide range of available collectibles. The club published 8 different Product Catalogs containing 4 to 8 pages in each, plus 11 green, 3 yellow, 5 blue, 2 white and 1 pink Product Order Forms. A sample of a Product Catalog can be seen below.

Club members were also issued with a ‘Certificate of Membership’ once the membership fee was paid, with each member appointed a club member number and rank. See below membership advertisement on the back of Frew Phantom comic number 834, and the 2 versions of the certificate issued (depending on the year of issue).

Membership I.D cards were also issued, with 2 different logo’s found on the back (depending on the year of issue), with the name and rank found on the second side.

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Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.