Fantomet Klubben

Fantomet Klubben (which translates to ‘Phantom Club’) was established in 1968, in Norway by Romanforlaget. Romanforlaget was the publisher of Fantomet comic books in Norway at the time.

Members of Fantomet Klubben don’t receive newsletters like we traditionally see with other Phantom clubs, instead, letters and pictures are sent in to the editor of Fantomet, with a section of the comic dedicated to these submissions, up to 8 pages in some Fantomet comic books.

To become a member, in select Fantomet comic books, the reader was required to complete a form (as can be seen below on these 2 versions) and return it to the publisher, with payment, to an address in Norway. 

Fantomet Klubben contained a tier system which allowed club members to progress in ranking, based on their Phantom knowledge. When you first becoming a member you were allocated the rank of ‘recruit’, then to ‘novice’. As your knowledge developed, you could move on to ‘bronze’, ‘silver’ and then to ‘gold’. Grand Master was the highest accolade awarded within the club. Each tier saw you received a separate sticker which you could place on your club certificate.

Fantomet Klubben certificates (or ‘Diplomas’ as some of them were referred to), were provided as part of the welcome pack into the Phantom club. They varied in design throughout the years. As noted above, with one’s membership rank in the club potentially growing, a place was market on the ‘Diploma’ to place the sticker.

The Phantom sitting on Hero ‘Diploma’ as can be seen above were issued from 1987 until 1996. These certificates were commonly accompanied with sticker sheets as can be seen below. The sticker sheet on the left was issued with certificates mailed to new members in 1987. The sticker sheets on the right were issued to new members in 1992, with 1 to 3 stickers mailed to each new member (making finding a full set difficult).

The below ‘Diploma’ was issued from 1997 until 2012.

Fantomet Klubben Code Books were also issued upon signing up to be member. Several variations have been issued over the years.

Material sent out to members is sent in official Fantomet Klubben stationary.

‘Stormester’ (which translates to ‘Grand Master’) pin’s have also been produced

Fantomet Klubben stopped operating in 2012.


Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.