Fantomen Klubben

Fantomen Klubben (which translates to ‘Phantom Club’) was established in 1950, in Sweden by Semic Press (the publishers of Fantomen at the time). This club is considered to be the first Phantom club to be formed and is still running today.

Fantomen Klubben was first advertised in 1950, in Fantomen number 1.

The first 10 members names were published in Fantomen number 5 of the same year as can be seen below. Brothers Nils-Göran and Kurt-Henry Carlsson were the first 2 to become members.

Fantomen Klubben certificates became available to readers in 1950, in Fantomen number 3. The reader was required to complete a coupon and return it to the publisher in Stockholm, Sweden.

In return, the reader was then sent a Fantomen Klubben certificate plus a welcome letter from the publisher. Below we see the first certificate design issued in 1950.

Various Fantomen Klubben certificates have been released over the years, a timeline can be seen below of how these certificates evolved and changed over the years.

Fantomen Klubben produced it’s first merchandise item in the form of a pin in 1952, with the first advertisement appearing in Fantomen number 3. The pin would continue to be advertised in Fantomen comics in 1952, in numbers 5 and 6 (advertisement in Fantomen number 5 shown below). The reader was required to complete the form and return it, with payment, to an address in Stockholm, Sweden. The pin was produced by Abe-Pust Stockholm.

Members of Fantomen Klubben don’t receive newsletters like we traditionally see with other Phantom clubs, instead, letters and pictures are sent in to the editor of Fantomen, with a section of the comic dedicated to these submissions. We see this aspect of Fantomen Klubben as early as 1952, in Fantomen number 12 as seen below.

In 1990, Fantomen Klubben introduced a ranking system. New members began with the rank of ‘Novice’ and would advance in ranking by completing quizzes and puzzles. Each time a member would pass such a test they would be mailed a new achievement sticker (1.5” x 1”) to attach to their certificate that indicated their new ranking.

  • Novis = Novice 
  • Aspirant = Aspirant 
  • Kandidat = Candidate
  • Riddare = Knight
  • Mästare = Master
  • Stormästare = Grandmaster (the first Grandmasters were announced in 1991)

To commemorate the achievement of becoming a ‘Grandmaster’, the Club issued a special enamel pinback in 1991. This pinback was accompanied with a corresponding 5.5” x 4” document of award (which accurately illustrated the Grandmaster pinback), your new achievement sticker for your certificate, plus a newly designed 3.25” x 2” double sided ‘Blue’ membership card.

Club Kit Contents – 1973

The Fantomen Klubben member kit changed over the years, below is a member kit supplied to new member in 1973.

  • Fan Club Kit original mailing envelope (12.75” x 9).
  • Fan Club Membership Certificate (11.5” x 8.25).
  • Original Fan Club No1 Pinback Button (1.25”).
  • Uncut Sheets of 6 stickers (7” x 5”).
  • Behover Form (Fan Club Stationary Request Form) (8” x 6”).
  • Specialerbjufdande Form (membership subscription Renewal Form) (8” x 6”).
  • Jag Prenumererar pa Fantomen Form (comic subscription Renewal Form) (7.25” x 3.25”).
  • Medlemsbok (fold-out membership card booklet/passport with cypher code) (9.5” x 5.5”).
  • 6 x No.1 pieces of writing paper (11.5” x 8.25”) & 3 x No.1 envelopes (6.25” x 4.5”).
  • Varvalista #1 & #2 Uncut Sheet of 12 New Membership Fan Club Enrollment Forms (members would give to their friends) (11.5” x 8.25”).

Club Kit Contents – 1989

The Fantomen Klubben member kit changed over the years, below is a member kit supplied to new member in 1996. The member kit was mailed in a large paper envelope and it’s contents can be seen below.

  • Original large unused mailing envelope (14.25” x 10”).
  • Fan Club Membership Certificate (11.75” x 8.25″).
  • Graduation letter & quiz (11.75” x 8.5″).
  • 5 x blank envelope for Quiz’s to be returned (9” x 6.25”).
  • 5 x letter head paper imprinted image (11.75″ x 8.25″).
  • Enamel cloisonné stick/lapel pin (2” in length).
  • Double sided keychain (2”).
  • Inkpen (5.5” in length).
  • 1 x sheet of temporary tattoos (6” x 4”).
  • Membership identification card with Cipher coding on the back (3.5” x 2”).
  • Uncut sheet of stickers (12” x 8”).

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.