Fantomen Klubben

Fantomen Klubben (which translates to ‘Phantom Club’) was established in 1950, in Sweden by Semic Press (the publishers of Fantomen at the time). This club is considered to be the first Phantom club to be formed and is still running today.

Fantomen Klubben was first advertised in 1950, in Fantomen number 1.

The first 10 members names were published in Fantomen number 5 of the same year as can be seen below. Brothers Nils-Göran and Kurt-Henry Carlsson were the first 2 to become members.

Fantomen Klubben certificates became available to readers in 1950, in Fantomen number 3. The reader was required to complete a coupon and return it to the publisher in Stockholm, Sweden. In return, the reader was then sent a Fantomen Klubben certificate plus a welcome letter from the publisher.

Various Fantomen Klubben certificates have been released over the years, a sample of some of these certificates can be seen below.

Fantomen Klubben pin’s were also available, with the first advertisement appearing in 1952, in Fantomen number 3. The pin would continue to be advertised in Fantomen comics in 1952, in numbers 5 and 6 (advertisement in Fantomen number 5 shown below). The reader was required to complete the form and return it, with payment, to an address in Stockholm, Sweden. The pin was produced by Abe-Pust Stockholm.

Members of Fantomen Klubben don’t receive newsletters like we traditionally see with other Phantom clubs, instead, letters and pictures are sent in to the editor of Fantomen, with a section of the comic dedicated to these submissions. We see this aspect of Fantomen Klubben as early as 1952, in Fantomen number 12 as seen below.

Various Fantomen Klubben membership cards were also available to members, with the ‘Top Secret’ cipher key traditionally on the back of the card.

Various other Fantomen Klubben paraphernalia have also been produced over the years, including club member code books, stickers, stationary, playing cards, keyrings, stationary, etcetera.

1996 Fantomen Klubben Member Pack