The Djungelpatrullen (which translates to ‘The Jungle Patrol’) club was established in 1996, in Sweden by Semic Press and ran for 3 years, coming to an end in 1999

The Djungelpatrullen club was established in conjunction with the release of Den Vandrande Vålnaden comics. This series published by Semic Press contained 9 comic books under this title.

Den Vandrande Vålnaden comic numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 were sold with sticker packs attached to the covers.

In issue 1 of Den Vandrande Vålnaden, we see Djungelpatrullen club being launched by the publisher as can be seen below.

By paying for a lifetime membership to the Djungelpatrullen club, members received a welcome kit which included an introductory information letter, membership card, stickers, stationary, etc.