Bulletman and Bulletgirl are fictional superheros originally published by Fawcett Comics. Created by Bill Parker and Jon Smalle, Bulletman first appeared in Nickel Comics #1, May 1940.

Jim Barr was the son of a police officer who was killed in the line of duty and as a result took it upon himself to fight crime. He was rejected from the police academy for physical reasons, but got a job in ballistics.

Like many characters of the time, he used chemistry to develop powers for himself, in his case greater muscle mass and brain power using his “crime cure.” He also invented a bullet-shaped Gravity Regulator Helmet which allowed him to fly and deflect bullets. His first case involved capturing a gangster in his hideout.

Shortly after Bulletman began his crime-fighting career, he created a second helmet for his girlfriend and later wife Susan Kent, daughter of Police Sergeant Kent who adopted the name Bulletgirl. His formula was shown to make him strong enough to smash a tank.

In addition to being bullet-shaped, their helmets also make the characters bulletproof. The helmet is shown to be so strong that once when Bulletgirl was run over by a Nazi tank she was only knocked out.