The Son Of The Phantom

The Son of the Phantom was published by the Whitman Publishing Company in Wisconsin, USA in 1944 (however page 2 noted 3 copyright dates, 1944, 1945 and 1946). The hardcover book contains 21 chapters over 248 pages and measures 14cm x 20cm. Licensed by King Features Syndicate, the book is written by Dale Robertson.

The Son of the Phantom is part of a series of novels published by the Whitman Publishing Company, with other novels featuring characters such as Dick Tracey, Shirley Temple, Blondie and Dagwood, Red Ryder and many more. The Phantom is only featured once in the series.

The Son of the Phantom book is covered in a loose/removable Dust Jacket. Interestingly, the Dust Jacket’s spine notes the book number as 2330, however the number on the books spine is printed with a different number, 2322.

The book cover was released in 3 different color variations when the Dust Jacket is removed, in brown, teal and blue. This various was possibly due to varying print runs by the Whitman Publishing Company. The outside back cover is void of text or images and is blank.

Predominantly, text is seen on the internal pages, however 20 illustrations are found throughout the book, following the life of young Kit Walker before becoming the Phantom.

The illustrations found throughout the book are thoughtfully drawn by Wilson McCoy, helping the reader form a clear picture in their mind of the stories progress. These images can be seen below.

We also see an image on the internal front and back covers spanning over 2 pages, featuring the Treasure Room within the Phantoms Skull Cave.

All 21 chapters within The Son of the Phantom book are titled.