SOS Boken

The Fantomen SOS Boken (translating to The SOS Book) is a softcover book published by Semic Press in Sweden in 1977. Fully licensed by King Features Syndicate, the front and back covers of the book can be seen below illustrated by Rolf Gohs.

The SOS Boken contains nature survival articles and activity puzzles over 64 pages, with a mix of black and white and color pages seen within, measuring 17cm x 26cm. No Phantom comic strips are published within the book, however the Phantom is seen throughout the book providing instructions and guidance. A sample of internal pages can be seen below.

SOS Boken was published by Interpresse in Denmark in 1977 under the title ‘Fantomet’s SOS’.

SOS Boken was published by Nordisk Forlag Semic in Norway in 1977 under the title ‘Fantomet SOS’.