Serial Press Book

The Phantom Serial Press Book was published in USA in 1943.

Press Books have been around as long as there have been movies and serials, and feature an eclectic mix of elements helping to promote a film or serial. They also contain production information regarding the feature in question, including actor information, locations used and credits to producers.

The Phantom Serial Press Book contains 12 page and measures 14 inches x 11 inches.

The Phantom Serial Press Book features an abundance of campaign information, pictures of lobby cards and posters as well as details about The Phantom Adventure Club.

The Phantom Serial screening program booklet as can be seen on page 11 from the Middleboro Theatre.

The Phantom Serial comic strip as can be seen on page 11.

A sample of black and white advertisements featured within the Press Book.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.