O Filho do Fantasma

O Filho do Fantasma (which translates to ‘The Son of the Phantom’) is a book published by RGE (Rio Gráfica e Editora) in Brazil in 1965.

O Filho do Fantasma is a translation of Dale Robertson’s book, ‘The Son of the Phantom’, published by the Whitman Publishing Company in USA in 1944.

O Filho do Fantasma is a softcover novel containing 146 black and white pages and measures 23cm X 16cm.

The original Whitman Publishing Company version of ‘Son of the Phantom’ has been translated from English to Portuguese by Paulo Salgado. Cover art and internal illustrations have been drawn by Gutenberg Monteiro.

Predominantly, text is seen on the internal pages, however several illustrations are found throughout the book, following the life of young Kit Walker before becoming the Phantom.

The illustrations found throughout the book are thoughtfully drawn by Gutenberg Monteiro, helping the reader form a clear picture in their mind of the stories progress.