La Storia Di Phantom

La Storia Di Phantom, Lo Spirito Che Cammina (which translated to The Story of The Phantom, The Ghost Who Walks) is a book published by Oscar Mondadori in Italy in 1976.

La Storia Di Phantom, Lo Spirito Che Cammina is a translation of Lee Falk’s book, ‘The Story of the Phantom’, originally published by Avon Publications in USA in 1972.

The softcover novel contains 180 black and white pages and measures 11cm x 19cm.

The back cover of the book gives us a brief description on the story found within the book. Below we read the translation from Italian to English:

Phantom, the Masked Man, is not immortal as legend has it. From father to son, the lineage continues to work for the good of the weak and exploited and to condemn the wicked. The great adventures of hunting, war and love of the twenty-first Masked Men, are told by the “talking narrator”, an old and wise pygmy, against the suggestive background of the Skull Cave in the Deep Woods.