La Historia del Hombre Enmascarado

La Historia del Hombre Enmascarado is a book published by Pala, S.A. in San Sebastian, Spain in 1973. The story book contains the Phantom story, ‘The Ghost Who Walks’, written by Lee Falk, first appearing in edition number 1 of the Avon novels published in 1972.

The hardcover book is edition number 1 of the ‘Pulp Coleccion’ series published by Pala, S.A. It contains 279 black and white pages measuring 13.5cm x 19cm. The story is translated from English to Spanish by Rolando Hanglin with cover art completed by Enrique Torres.

On the inside front and back cover, we find a collage of Phantom images illustrated by Sy Barry.

La Historia del Hombre Enmascarado also contains 3 informative articles, as can be seen in the Index at the front of the book. The 3 articles, which also contain images are:

  • Page 5 – El origen del Hombre Enmascarado (The Origins of the Phantom) by Román Gubern.
  • Page 15 – El Hombre Enmascarado en el cine (The Phantom in the Movies) by Luis Gasca.
  • Page 19 – El Hombre Enmascarado en España (The Phantom in Spain) by Antonio Martín.

A sample of internal pages can be seen below.