Avon Books

The Story of The Phantom book series was published by Avon Publications in USA. The first book was published in 1972, with the last book released in 1975, a total of 15 issues released. Containing from 140 to 180 pages, the softcover paperback novels are not comic books, but contain fictional stories of the Phantom.

The first 5 stories are written by Phantom creator Lee Falk, with the remainder of the stories by Ron Goulart, using the pseudonym name of Frank S. Shawn.

These novels have been translated into numerous languages, with either the full series or a portion of the series appearing in a number of countries outside the USA.

Semic – Sweden 1973

Kelter Verlag – Germany 1974-1977

Editora Golfinho and Editora Hemus – Brazil 1975-1977

Semic Press – Finland 1975-1977

Semic Press – Sweden 1978

Hermes Press – USA 2016-2020